01. Why don't we take a break now, and [resume] our discussion after lunch?
02. Yuko [resumed] her studies at college after a year spent learning English in England.
03. The [resumption] of talks between the two countries is a good sign for the future of the peace process.
04. The search for the missing fishermen is expected to [resume] tomorrow morning, providing the weather clears up.
05. He sent his [resumé] to a number of different companies, but hasn't found a job as of yet.
06. Be sure you include any volunteer work you have done on your [resumé].
07. The government is set to [resume] talks with the union after a three-day cooling-off period.
08. The meeting [resumed] after a short break.
09. I took a course at the employment bureau to learn how to organize my [resumé] to best show off my experience and qualifications.
10. The [resumption] of peace talks has brought great hope to the war-torn region.
11. Management has announced a [resumption] of negotiations with the union in a last minute effort to avoid a strike.
12. In 1995, the President of France unleashed a storm of worldwide protest with the announcement that nuclear testing would be [resumed] in French Polynesia.
13. In 1925, the capital city of Norway, known as Kristiana since 1674, [resumed] its original name of Oslo.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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